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    Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Beguiled’ Is an Elegant, Gothic Potboiler

    Sofia Coppola’s remake/reinterpretation of The Beguiled does not open, as the original did, with Civil War photographs and the drums and sounds of battle, but the war is ever-present — via the distant cannon fire that’s heard under many of the outdoor scenes (and that provides, along with the birds singing in the nearby woods, […]

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    Marvel Launches Rock ‘n’ Roll Variant Covers, Which Are Actually Kinda Cool

    The comic book industry is basically eating culture — you pretty much can’t go to the movies these days without climbing over all the promo paraphernalia for yet another heinously expensive film for yet another obscure superhero (Redditman vs DCEUman, coming next summer!), and now it appears they’re turning their attention toward music. Great. But, to […]

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    Second Glance: The Melancholy Madness of ‘Joe Versus the Volcano’

    Welcome to “Second Glance,” a bi-weekly column that spotlights an older film of note (thanks to an anniversary, a connection to a new release, or new disc or streaming availability) that was not as commercially or critically successful as it should’ve been. This week, in advance of its Blu-ray debut, we take a look at […]

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    Why Does the New Tupac Biopic Leave Out ‘Poetic Justice?’ We Have a Theory!

    The late Tupac Shakur’s electrifying debut performance as madman “Bishop” in Juice is his most iconic role, but he probably did his best acting in John Singleton’s 1993 Boyz n the Hood follow-up Poetic Justice. Shakur – lest we forget, an actor with classical training at the Baltimore School for the Arts – crafted a […]

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    ‘Rough Night’ is a Rough Sit

    Here is one of the keener disappointments of the young summer, a movie that gathers some of the funniest women in the business, and strands them in a whiplash-inducing mash-up of legitimate laughs, incongruent morbidity, and unfortunate sentimentality. The film is Rough Night, and it’s written by regular Broad City scribes Lucia Aniello and Paul […]

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    Joel Schumacher Apologizes For ‘Batman & Robin,’ and Fears Being Remembered for Batman’s Nipples

    The 20th anniversary of the good taste vacuum of Batman & Robin is upon us. Jason Bailey’s Bad Movie Night column this week focused on the 1997 film, wherein a Blue Man Group-esque former California governor force-feeds the audience puns about ice, George Clooney plays an emotionally flat yet very three-dimensionally booty-ed Batman, and Uma Thurman is tasked with selling […]

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    Bad Movie Night: The Sequel-Sinking Silliness of ‘Batman & Robin’

    Welcome to “Bad Movie Night,” a biweekly feature in which we sift through the remains of bad movies of all stripes: the obscure and hilarious, the bloated and beautiful, the popular and painful. This week, on the 20th anniversary of its release – and in the wake of DC colleague Wonder Woman‘s massive success – […]