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    ‘Bonnie and Clyde,’ Pauline Kael, and the Essay That Changed Film Criticism

    Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Bonnie and Clyde, a nice round number of a milestone that will presumably be commemorated by retrospectives and analyses of the film – and for good reason. It was, most agree, the starter pistol for the “New Hollywood” movement of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s […]

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    ‘Good Time’ is A Scuzzy, Jittery, Hard-Edged New York Movie

    Josh and Bennie Safdie’s Good Time opens with a camera crawling through the sky as dread-filled synthesizer music fills the soundtrack, and the movie never really lets up after that. It’s a rattling experience, a one-long-night-in-New-York movie that’s set in the present but filtered through the scuzzy gaze of the city’s past. I kind of […]

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    Javier Bardem Is a Horrifying Husband in Full Trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s ‘mother!’

    The first full trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s anticipated mother!, is out, and it reveals a Rosemary’s Baby type narrative, drawing on the horrors of intimacy, wherein a husband and wife lovingly make a domestic paradise together, while in the meantime, the husband has secretly been inviting evil into it through the presence of falsely innocuous strangers. They show up, […]

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    Bad Movie Night: The Dopey, Kitschy Appeal of Madonna’s ‘Who’s That Girl’

    Welcome to “Bad Movie Night,” a biweekly feature in which we sift through the remains of bad movies of all stripes: the obscure and hilarious, the bloated and beautiful, the popular and painful. This week, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its release, we look at the screwball Madonna vehicle Who’s That Girl. Surmising the […]

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    Who Is Allowed To Tell the Story of ‘Detroit’?

    Late last week, Megan Ellison, producer of the motion picture Detroit and head of its distributor Annapurna Pictures, tweeted at the president. It came in the fall-out of his skin-crawling speech to Suffolk County police, urging them not to “be too nice” when handling suspects. There was no way to misread it – or to […]

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    This Week at the Movies: ‘The Dark Tower,’ ‘Detroit,’ ‘Kidnap’

    This Week at the Movies: ‘The Dark Tower,’ ‘Detroit,’ ‘Kidnap’ – Flavorwire The Dark Tower: It took decades, multiple directors, jettisoned plans of multi-platform storytelling, and a contentious post-production process to bring Stephen King’s beloved multi-part epic to the screen – and, well, it hasn’t gone over so well. That first trailer was worrisome enough; […]

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    We Don’t Deserve Holly Hunter

    Holly Hunter is in two movies this summer, so I don’t suppose we have much to complain about. The first was last month’s The Big Sick, in which Hunter and Ray Romano charge in at the hour mark and immediately convey a rich history, a troubled present, and an uncertain future. This week, she stars […]

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    The Not-Quite-Fatal Flaw of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

    The opening scene of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk parachutes us into the action, almost literally, as a group of soldiers wander down an abandoned street while taunting leaflets rain down around them. This moment of temporary and borderline-surreal solace is quickly punctured by piercing gunfire around them. Nolan’s film hits the ground running, and rarely stops […]

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    Every Christopher Nolan Movie, Ranked (and Updated)

    Back in 2014, upon the release of Christopher Nolan’s ninth film Interstellar, we decided to stack up his ouevre to date and, as we who write about movies on the Internet are wont to do, rank it. As with most things Nolan-related, it was divisive! Well, now there’s a new Nolan feature in the world, […]